Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One wonderful person, one stylish award, and seven facts about me

In my post about my rejection - thank you so much for the support, by the way, it's really washed away any negativity that might've been left in me - a lovely person with a lovely blog that I enjoy each time I visit left a comment to cheer me right up. Sully's Scribbles, thank from the bottom of my heart for the Stylish Blogger award!

Now, to accept this award, I must do the following: thank and link back to the awesome person who gave me this award, state 7 things about myself, and pass it along to other awesome blogs.

So here are seven facts about me!

1. I am a very fluent bilingual bordering on trilingual. It's troublesome at times, because a story just won't make up its mind what language it wants to be in. I've had instances where I've used both languages, and gone back and had to translate one into the other.

2. I love to paint digitally. I'm no means good at it, of course, but I still insist on doing it all the time - kind of reminds of that other thing I do, where I type stories out and pretend they make sense to other people. Mostly all self-taught here, however. Observe: it is a beagle's nose I drew from a reference when doing a texture study.

3. I have thing for glasses and guys. I don't fall for guys with glasses - because that would be more than half the world's population - but when I find attractiveness goes up when a guy puts on glasses. I myself always insist on contacts when going outside, however.

4. Being a sensible and busy student (or without a kitchen and half-adequate cooking skills, more like), I live on yogurt.

5. I do bake, however.

6. I'm a bibliophile and a music addict. I can't walk or write (or breathe, it seems) without music, and I play eight instruments. I cannot sing to save my life.


A parody of “The Dangerous Shirt” by Alberto Rios

The toothbrush in my washroom is dangerous.
I shouldn't have put toothpaste on.

Because I have, I will brush my teeth.
If I brush my teeth, I will change into pajamas.

If I am in my pajamas, I will be drawn towards the bed,
The bed and not the desk – the bed,

Because if I am in my pajamas,
I will not want to study.

So if I get near the bed, that's it -
Shake your fist at me, because I will lie down.

And if I lie down, I will close my eyes.
I will close my eyes and fall asleep.

The danger of the toothbrush – of course,
Always, every moment, it is so obvious.

Now, enough about me! On to the lovely people who deserve this award!!
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  1. Congratulations on the award!! IT's cool that you slip from one language to the other when you write. I wish I were that fluent in another language. Oh and... is that your toothbrush in the yogurt? :) Thanks so much for the award. I'm in pretty awesome company!

  2. Well done.

    Ahh, thank you! (And thanks for the blog comment earlier).

    I love baking. I would do more of it, if only it didn't make me fat. That's one of the nice things about writing, isn't it? Take care of yourself and too much writing is never bad for you, lol.

  3. baking is nice...mmm cookies....

    dammit now I have to bake...

  4. Umm...I'm jealous of your digital painting talent. That picture is awesome! I recently picked up an entry level pen tablet and a couple of books by Bert Monroy. So far, I have a meager looking apple and a novel that needs revising.

    What software and/or tools do you use to paint with?

    Congratulations on your award.

  5. You do great in pixel paint! Also I have to say I have a total thing for guys who wear little half glasses - yes like BennyFrank - but not him.
    No, he has to be a certian type of pompus powerful, rule-breaker who can say more with his eyes than any novelist with his word processor. He has to be able to draw your attention - have a whole conversation with his eyes, flirting above the rims - and takes a turn down with gracious amusement.(which makes you look twice) That's the little glasses wearing guy I'm talking about - and they only come in the half glasses wearing kind....lol.