Friday, February 11, 2011

The Crusade

First saw in Deborah Walker's blog post, and followed to Rach Writes' brilliant project. And of course, decided to jump in - because it does get lonely here, it does.

Here we go!

[Edit: A new shield, because Rach wanted a purple one =) ]


  1. Hey there fellow Crusader! I love that Crusade shield. Nice to meet you :)

  2. Hello jys, your blog looks different. It looks cool. I'm following it now. The crusade is loads of fun.

    It's going to be really big.

  3. Hello crusaders! ;)

    @Michelle Thank you, following you now -- very nice to meet you!!

    @Deborah I'm actually still using the older one for only Write1Sub1 stuff - it's just I'm terribly behind and haven't been updating. :( But thank you for coming to this one!!

  4. Nice shields. I like the purple too.

    Nice to meet you, crusader.

  5. Hi! Nice to meet you, fellow Crusader! I wanted to pop over and say LOVELY job you did on designing the badge! And happy Valentine's Day to ya!

  6. Hello fellow Crusader! The badge is quite nice! Both colors are lovely but the purple probably pops out more (I love blue though...).

  7. Love the Crusade Badge!! :-) Nice to meet you!

  8. Hi there!

    I too am a fellow crusader. Really looking forward to crusading with you all!

    Love the badge, but was wondering: is there an easy way for me to put it on my blog, which has a black background, without it having a white box around it? I can photoshop the background to black but with all the beautiful finery, it might be a bit tricky. :-)


  9. Popping in to say hi. Hi!

    I'm a new crusader, and looking forward to meeing lots of fellow writers. How d'you get a badge? Is there a code I can embed into my blog?

  10. Hey there!

    I'm a fellow crusader finally getting around to seeing everyone's blogs and following them :-)

    *waves* And I love the shield!

    xx Rachel